Monday, December 30, 2013

Save Money on your Wedding Dress 2

We all know the cost of beautiful wedding dresses these days. It can range from thousands of dollars depending on the style, material, cut and designer. We all know that majority of soon to be brides are dreaming of their beautiful luxurious wedding dresses but this luxury comes with a whooping price tag. And so, Deals and Jobs Online decided to scour the internet for great bridal retail sites that carries affordable and gorgeous wedding dresses for every soon to be bride out there.

Check out our second list!

Best Bridal Prices

Do they have Designer Bridal gowns? Yes, Best Bridal Prices has a number of designer gowns from Alfred Angelo, Allure, Casablanca Couture, Badgley Mischka, Ella Rosa, Mia Solano and Sophia Tolli.
What are the Payment Methods accepted? You would need to log in with Best Bridal Prices to check their payment method.
How long will it take to deliver my gown? An order should arrive in approximately 10-14 business days after the designer ships to items to Best Bridal Prices.
Do they ship internationally? Yes they ship dresses to other countries.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 4 Online Rewards Sites

Have you heard of an online-rewards website. These are websites that pay their members to use their site to basically watch videos, answer surveys, play games, answer daily polls and read emails. With these sites you’ll earn virtual currency like sb (swagbucks) or zb (zoombucks) every time you access their site and then you can convert these points to either reward cards or cash.

Here's our Top 4 Online Rewards Sites


                 Does Irazoo accept international members? Not anymore.
                 How to Register? You just need a valid email for registration and
                 it’s free to join.
                 What is their Virtual Currency? Irazoo points

Monday, December 23, 2013

Top Credit Card Deals this Month!


Duration: Promo is valid every Saturday lunch from December 14, 2013 to January 31, 2014.
Brand Partner: Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant
Partner Credit Card: Citibank
How to join: Simply use the Citibank Credit Card and pay only P915 instead of P1,830 per person.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Sell your Clothes 2!

Are you looking for means to earn a little extra this Christmas season? You may want to look into consigning your used clothes online. If you have a ton of clothes that doesn't fit you anymore or are a little out of date, then you may want to monetize on them now. These days there are a number of online market place that are willing to connect sellers to their grand list of online buyers. All you would need to do is make sure that the items you want to sell are in good condition so that the you’ll be able to sell them at a good price.


Michaels Consignment                           
Moxie Jean
My Girlfriends Wardrobe                         Posh Mark
Return To Earn                                      Recycle Your Fashions
Shop RDR                                             Shop Karma

Wednesday, December 11, 2013



More and more Filipinos today are dreaming of owning their dream home, driving their dream car or launching a new business. But it's also evident how some Filipinos remain hesitant and anxious on making these seemingly elusive dreams happen. “We really have to educate most Filipinos when it comes to financial literacy. Changing their mind-set cannot be done overnight, but it can be done,” says Lubar Delos Reyes, president of DRIVEN Marketing Group, one of the fastest growing real estate marketing network in the country. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings 2

If you are looking for a diamond ring alternative, you may want to check a Moissanite engagement ring for that. This is a great alternative because it primarily has the same brilliance and color as a legitimate diamond stone. So you can still maintain that luxurious elegance for your loved one without breaking the bank.
 Moissanite Engagement Rings - How To Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Amusement Park Mystery Shopping!

What is amusement park mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping is a known performance evaluation platform that is used by companies worldwide so as to gauge the service and performance of their employees and their company as a whole. Amusement park mystery shopping primarily differs from the basic mystery shopping job because of its fun and unique location, with this job you would need to check on the parks cleanliness, food quality and you may be ask by the company to check on the customer service excellence of the amusement park aswell.

How do you receive assignments from Amusement Advantage?
Amusement Advantage is a legitimate site where you can apply as an Amusement park mystery shopper. They usually update their mystery shopping assignment list every middle of the month. However it is advisable that you check their website every chance you have since their assignments gets easily filled by enthusiastic amusement park shoppers. Another way for you to get up-to-date posting is when you join their mailing list, since they send email notifications every now and then.  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Top Credit Card Deals this Month!

Duration: Promo period is from November 4, 2013 to November 30, 2013.
Brand Partner: Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant
Partner Credit Card: Citibank
How to join: Simply use your Citibank credit card at participating Burgoo Restaurant branches and you will surely get 50% off when you charge a minimum bill of Php 2500.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Save Money on your Wedding Dress!

We all know the cost of beautiful wedding dresses these days. It can range from thousands of dollars depending on the style, material, cut and designer. We all know that majority of soon to be brides are dreaming of their beautiful luxurious wedding dresses but this luxury comes with a whooping price tag. And so, Deals and Jobs Online decided to scour the internet for great bridal retail sites that carries affordable and gorgeous wedding dresses for every soon to be bride out there.

Check out our list!

Best for Bride

Do they have Designer Bridal gowns? Yes, Best for Bride has a number of designer gowns from Sophia Tolli, Alfred Angelo, Jasmine and Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner.
What are the Payment Methods accepted? They accept payment via all major credit cards and Paypal.
How long will it take to deliver my gown? For US orders, it will take 6 weeks to arrive.
Do they ship internationally? Yes, they provide worldwide international shipment. It will take about 14 to 18 weeks for international orders to arrive.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Make Money Teaching 2

Deals and Jobs Online is providing you again with another list of legitimate teaching websites where you can earn money online by teaching.

Brainfuse has a great online system that helps students in their academic proficiency. They have innovative learning system where a customizable learning service will be created in accordance to the need of the student. They also offer full academic support to those who needs the proper guidance and lead of Brainfuse tutors.
Online or Live Tutor? Brainfuse accepts online tutors for their online classroom.
Tutoring Subjects: You may email them for other information,
Required Qualification for Tutors: You may email them for other information,

ISUS is an innovative online system which caters to students who want to learn the proper usage and articulation of the English language. They offer flexible learning platforms that will be in accordance to the student’s capacity.  This is a great site to experience English online training whether the student is at home, at work or even on a vacation.
Online or Live Tutor? Isus accepts online tutors for their virtual teaching program.
Tutoring Subjects: The subject focus is the English language.
Required Qualification for Tutors: They may require you to have atleast six months of teaching experience. Of course your specialized language should be English, so that you will be comfortable conversing with the students of ISUS.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Looking for Affordable Golf Equipment?

Golf is a popular precision ball sport. People are often attracted to this sport because of the calm and relaxing attitude of the sport, it is not as strenuous as compared to some popular sports out there. This is a game that requires patience, strategy and meticulousness; these are qualities that a player will eventually develop as he grows as a mature enthusiast of the sport. Besides the fact that the game is not for everyone, the equipments used to play this game is also a tad costly that’s why their assembly of enthusiasts is quite minute compared to say, baseball aficionados. So, we at Deals and Jobs Online decided to scour the internet for good online retail sites that offers affordable and good quality golf equipment! Check out our list below!

The Golf Warehouse

Golf Categories: The Golf Warehouse has golf equipment, shoes, apparel, custom clubs and accessories.
Payment Methods: They accept major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. They also accept Paypal, Amazon payments, Bill Me Later and TGW gift cards/certificates.
Shipping Options: TGW ships their products through Fedex and USPS.
International Shipment: Yes, TGW ships to over 200 locations worldwide.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Earn as a Mystery Shopper 2

Mystery shopping is a performance evaluation service done by companies to gauge the performance of their employees and their company as a whole. Mystery shopping is used by a number of industries today, like fastfood chains, retails stores, pharmaceutical stores, banks and even hospitals. And in this evaluation, companies are always looking for opinionated and trust worthy individuals capable to assessing and measuring company integrity and good customer service, if you think you have that
ability then you may opt to apply for the companies I have listed below.

Check out the list!

Strategic Evaluations
Types of Mystery Shopping: Strategic Evaluations does traditional on-site mystery shopping.
Age requirement: You may email them for inquiries,
Payment method: Strategic Evaluations pays via an electronic payment called Hyperwallet.
Countries they accept: Strategic Evaluations Mystery shopping is available in the Canada alone.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Top Credit Card Deals this Month!

Duration: From October 1, 2013 to November 29, 2013
Brand Partner: Lugang Cafe in Greenhills, Philippines
Partner Credit Card: Metrobank Card
How to join: Simply use your Metrobank card when you dine at Lugang CafĂ© in Greenhills and you’ll get a 50% discount off of your total bill.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Buy Affordable Art Online 2

We have listed five great art sites last month for our art enthusiasts. Now Deals and Jobs Online is again providing a list of additional art sites where you can get your hands on unique and affordable art online. These are websites that has a large collection of art works ranging from historical, classic, architectural and portraits. Here is our list!

Print collection

Payment Scheme: You can purchase products from Print Collection via Paypal.
Shipping: Their products are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS) with Click n Ship tracking numbers.
Art type: The print collection has a variety of art on their hand like patent drawings, maps, medical illustrations, travel posters and a whole lot more.

Sell your clothes!

If you are looking to earn a little extra cash this holiday season then you may want to look into consigning your clothes online. If you have a ton of clothes that are gathering dust on your closet then this is the time to dispose of them and earn at the same time. These days there are a number of online market place that arw willing to connect sellers to their grand list of online buyers. All you would need to do is make sure that the items you want to sell are in good condition so that the selling price for these items are high enough to compensate you properly.


Luxury Exchange
Cash 4 your Clothes                   Little Sprouts Resale
Closet Rich                               Designer Social
Couture USA                             Couture Reborn

What is the shipment process?
Some of these companies have their own collection team to pick up your items for you. While some do rely on regular shipping platforms such as Fedex, UPS and DHL. When they receive your clothing that’s when they’ll do the necessary appraisal and offer for your goods, you may decline and accept the offer accordingly. When you accept the offer, they will then compensate you for the shipment and goods. Some may only require you to take photos of the goods before shipping it to them.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Ring

When you are planning to marry someone very special you certainly want to present and offer her with a beautiful unique piece of engagement ring that not only correspond to your devotion to her but a ring that will also showcase your partners unique qualities. We all know that the go to engagement ring is the good old sparkly white diamond engagement ring, but as the price of these things skyrocket to new heights nowadays, it is much wiser to invest on a number of legitimate ring alternatives that are as beautiful as a diamond ring but is comparatively more affordable, here is our list!

Amethyst engagement ring
CITE IMAGE: Diamond Engagement Rings with Amethyst (List of Five)

Amethyst is a gem stone that represents peace. If you want your ring to carry peace love in your relationship then you can opt for this beautiful amethyst engagement ring. Long ago it was said to be a ring that is reserved for royalty but now you can get your hands on affordable beautiful Amethyst ring, it can be a synthetic Amethyst or a natural gem stone.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Make Money Teaching

If you have the passion to teach and you love to share your knowledge on a number of subject matter then now is a great time to monetize on your skills online! Whether you are a professional teacher, a bona fide tutor or a fresh college student who wants to earn a little extra on the side, it is now so convenient to teach students online and earn in accordance to your teaching skill. You just simply need to register and apply online for the teaching position, some may have a higher qualification and a rigorous training program while some have a simple basic requirement. Deals and Jobs Online is providing you a list of legitimate teaching websites where you can earn money online.

Aim for A
Aim-for-A Tutoring is great educational program that helps students further understand and appreciate the subject matter which they might find a little complex and hard to understand. Aim-for-A Tutoring is a good tool for homeschoolers and tutors alike that is why a number of students and tutors all over the world are getting their homeschool and after school curriculum from Aim-for-A Tutoring.
Online or Live Tutor? You can be an online tutor or a live tutor for them.
Tutoring Subjects:  You may teach Math, Science, English Language, Arts and any other subject.
Required Qualification for Tutors:
-A minimum of bachelors degree depending on your preferred subject.
-Excellent written and verbal English communication skill.
-Teaching experience

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Affordable BBQ Grills Online!

Are you looking for affordable barbeque grills online? But with all the websites that are sprouting every so often on the internet it is just so easy to get lost in it all. And at the end of the day still be undecided and unsure where to put your trust with regards to grills. Whether it be a decision about a mini grill or a big ticket purchase that involves a stainless steel three burner gas grill a good research on its price, availability and quality is inevitable. And so Deals and Jobs Online is happy to provide our list of great retail websites for affordable and quality barbeque grills.  


Grill Type Available: They have disposable grills, charcoal grills, electric grills and gas grills aswell.
Payment Method: DHGATE accepts all major credit cards, bank transfer, moneybookers and western union.
Shipping Method: Their shipping method will depend on the country; they may use EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS and TNT.
Do they accept international shipment: Yes, they do international shipment.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earn as a Mystery Shopper

In order to gauge the quality of services done by their employees and their compliance with company rules and regulations, companies are now using an effective Market Research tool to further strengthen and improve operational performance. Mystery shopping is used by a variety of industry like fast food chains, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, banks and hospitals all over the world. This tool is commonly known as a Mystery Shopper or Mystery Consumer program where these mystery shoppers perform a number of tasks and then they will provide a detailed description and opinion about the scenario that happened. If you are willing to assess and measure the integrity and service of a company then this may be the job for you!

Check out our list!

Confero Inc.

Types of Mystery Shopping: Confero does traditional, on-site, on the spot prize incentive, via telephone, compliance audit and price checks.
Age requirement: They require their mystery shopper to be at least twenty one years old.
Payment method: Confero pays via Paypal.
Countries they accept: Confero Mystery shopping is available in every US state, Canada and Mexico

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top Credit Card Deals this Month!

Duration: June 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013
Brand Partner: Island Rose
Partner Credit Card: Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI)
How to join: When you use your BPI credit card or prepaid card to purchase a flower arrangement at you will get a 10% off discount for that transaction.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Be a Game Tester!

If you are into playing games like RPG, arcade, racing, flight simulation, sports, strategy, combat and third-person games then you may want to use that hobby to earn a little extra on the side. Now it is easy to cash in on your gaming hobby just by signing up with a legitimate game tester company. There are two great sites online where you can sign up to be a games tester now. If you are interested then you can check out our Top 2 Favorite Game Tester Websites.

Nichols Research

Now is the perfect time to sign up with Nichols Research because they are currently updating their database and they are in need of game testers! All you need to do is fill out an application for their upcoming gaming study. In there you would need to pick the game genres that you usually play so that they can properly site your proper demographic. Then you would also need to inform Nichols Research via that application on the available consoles that you have for playing these games. It’ll be more beneficial for you if you have a variety of playing consoles at your disposal. And do not forget to tick in the appropriate number of hours you’re willing to offer as a game tester to Nichols Research.   

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Buy Affordable Art Online

Does a blank wall in your house needs some pizzazz? Are you thinking of painting that blank wall with a splash of color but can’t think of the right one? Here’s the next best thing to a costly painting and repair job, get a decorative art paint for that boring wall and you’ll see the difference! Quirky and lively art paintings are not anymore exclusive for the rich and famous, now we can splurge on these art pieces online at a better friendlier price, check these sites:

Art type: 1000 Museums carries some of the best copies of popular museum art online.
Payment Scheme: 1000 museums accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Check and Money Order
Shipping: All domestic USA orders will be done via FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail. While international orders will be done via USPS or other international carriers. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Be a Voice Over Talent!

Do you have a professional sounding voice? A voice of a radio jock perhaps? And you are looking for a job as a voice talent? We at Deals and Jobs Online have scoured the internet to provide you with legitimate online companies that hire brilliant voice over talent. Check out our list!

Work Experience: Able Innovations expect their voice over talent to match timing of English original in recording.  Recording experience is a plus but is not required.
Application process: For initial application, you would need to pass a detailed resume
Auditions: Able Innovations will contact the applicant with regards to their audition.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Top Furniture Shopping Sites

We all love a good bargain when it comes to big purchases such as furniture but these days it is quiet hard to look for great quality products with a good and friendly price tag. So we decided to hunt for sleek and modern furniture online with great affordable value. The usual brand names that carry this sleek modern furniture are primarily Ikea, Muji and White Furniture.  Despite the discounts that they provide we still opt to look for other sites that can provide the same funk and luxury at a better price. Here is our list:
Product Categories:  Wayfair’s products ranges from beds, bedroom sets, dressers, chests, armoires, seats, mattresses, bedroom vanities, bedroom benches, beddings, mirrors, general closet organization, blanket racks and luggage racks just to name a few.
Shipping Policy: Wayfair usually ship their items via UPS, FEDEX, DHL or USPS. The arrival of your package will primarily depend on your proximity to the shipping warehouse, usually an  item will arrive between 1 and 6 business days.
Edge: With Wayfair you can purchase sale items at 50% to 70% off!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Earn with Surveys 3

These are indeed legitimate companies that are looking for new online workers to try their products and services. These companies are willing to pay people to do research surveys and polls regarding different products. You will earn money on these sites by taking part in a number of tasks they offer to their members. Here’s part three of our Earn with Survey list!

Panel Opinion

Minimum Payout: £10
How can you earn money with Panel Opinion? You can earn by answering short online surveys.
Cashout options: You can receive your earnings by BACS (bank transfer), PayPal or Cheque.
Click here to sign up!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Like & Win $25 EGIFT CARD!!

1. Promo period is from August 16 to September 15, 2013
2. Who can join:
     a. Promo is open to everyone.
     b. He/She must have valid Facebook and Twitter Accounts.

3. How to join:
    a. Participants must:
          1. ‘Like’ Deals and Jobs Online Facebook Page: Deals And Jobs Online
          2. ‘Follow’ Deals and Jobs Online on Twitter: @DealsJobsOnline
          3. ‘Share' Deals and Jobs Online on Facebook and tag 5 of your friends.         
4.  Determining the Winner:
    a. All valid entries will be screened and validated by Deals and Jobs Online.
    b. Announcement of Winners will be posted on Deals and jobs Online on September 16,
    c. Winners will be notified through Facebook via Private Message.

5. Prizes:
    a. The winner will receive a $25 electronic gift card of

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Top Online Fitness Retailers

Our generation’s fascination with fitness and health says a lot about our goal to maintain a lifestyle that will be beneficial to our family as a whole. Our fascination often fires up our need to persistently manage our well being through proper diet and exercise. However, not everyone has the time to hit the gym for the proper fitness regimen that is essential to our fitness. And so, some of us are starting to create our own home gym so as to cater to our fitness need during our free time. But issues on finance will haunt home gym enthusiasts when they see the cost of these expensive home exercise equipment. With that thought in mind, we tried to scour the internet and look for sites where we can get good deals for our home gym need.

Here is our list:

Home Gym Equipment: ARGOS has a number of fitness stuff like cross trainers, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, treadmills and vibration plates.
Payment: They accept payment through credit cards and Paypal.
Delivery / Shipment: ARGOS only delivers products to customers in mainland United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Online Service Marketplace

Are you thinking of ways to monetize on your skills today? Whether it be your musical talent, creative writing capability, knack for advertising or your gift of animation, we can all tap into our talent pool and monetize on that. All you would need to do is choose any of these Online Service Marketplace as your partner site and soon you’ll be getting projects involving your skill.

In this type of Online Service Marketplace, it is very important that you fulfill your client’s orders so that you will gain and retain the level of trust that the costumer gave you. Performance and reputation is the core to building your customer list in this type of endeavor. It is also important that you market your services in different social media platforms so that you’ll have a good service visibility. With that, here is our list:


Services/Products you can sell: You can sell gifts, video & animation, fun & bizarre things, writing & translation, music & audio, graphic designs and advertising ideas.
Payment: Funds can be withdrawn through Paypal or to a Fiverr Revenues Card
Sellers Fee: Gig price is $5

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Top Credit Card Deals this Month!

Duration: August 9, 2013 to August 15,2013
Brand Partner: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Beverages
Partner Credit Card: CITIBANK
How to join: For every 2,500 worth of receipt purchased using your Citibank credit card from July 30 to August 5 will entitle you to purchase 1 cup of any size beverage from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Beverages for only Php2.00.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Earn with Photos 2

We have listed a good number of online sites where you can earn using your stock photos. But as we browse further we were able to find a few additional online sites for professional and amateur photographers out there. Deals and Jobs Online is providing another list so as to supply you with more variety and to help you find the perfect website partner that will help you earn more.

Here is our list!


Minimum Payout: The minimum threshold for payout is $100.
File Format: You can upload EPS and JPG version of your work to Veer.
International: Yes, Veer accepts international members.
Copyright: They have a contributor agreement that you should read and follow.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top Musical Instrument Stores

Finding a good quality musical instrument on the internet is a challenging feat to say the least. You would need to really research on the reputation of the company you are interested in. And of course you would need to compare the prices of their goods to a number of other online musical instrument retailers too. We have found a number of great musical instrument stores online where you can get your hands on a number of great instruments like drums! Here is our list:

Brands Available: They carry brands like Brady, Craviotto, Crush, DW, GMS Drums, Gretsch, Ludwig, Black Panther, Pearl, Premier, Sonor, Tama, Taye and Yamaha.
Payment Options: The company accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards, money orders and cashiers check.
Shipping Policy: Shipment in the US is primarily through United States Postal Services and UPS. While for international orders they use Eagle Global Logistics Shipping and the charges for the products are based on the weigh, value and destination.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Earn Money Listening to Music

This new money earning platform is just awesome and so easy that we are really excited to write about it. These sites will not only provide extra income for online earners but these sites will also grant great upcoming artists the stage to present their songs and compositions to the world. Once you log in to these music websites you will surely realize that there are a lot of  up and coming music concoction that are waiting for their moment to take the world stage.

With these sites you’ll have the opportunity to review and listen to great music and earn money simultaneously, here is our list.  


Musicxray is a great money earning platform because they have a good number of artists and songs that are ready for review every day. Since these artists are really trying their best to put their song out there, it’ll be great if you will a lot a good hour or so to appreciate their music instead of just going about with your earnings. Musicxray’s minimum payout is $20 via Paypal. SIGN UP HERE!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Things to Remember as an Online Worker

Being an online worker you wouldn’t need to clock in at work day in and day out and spend roughly eight to ten hours in the office. As an online worker it is in your discretion as to when you will do the work and when you will earn a little more or a little less. With this new scheme, people tend to disregard structure and time.  This thinking might primarily cause them valuable time and online money. So, we are listing here the some of the things that an online worker should remember.

Create an organize home office
Since you will be handling online jobs at home then it is necessary to create a good home office where you can concentrate and focus at the job at hand. Because a house where children are running around is not quiet an appropriate and place to receive phone calls and such, it’ll be a great distraction so would need to create a good work space for you to be more productive.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spot an Online Scam

There are a number of ways to legitimately earn online if you are willing to spend time and effort on your online work or online business. However, there are a lot of easy get rich programs out there that will lure you and your money to their website. They promise tens and thousands of dollars in one sitting just by either buying their product or just by getting the upgrade from standard to premium membership. These are common sites that you will encounter when you search for “how to earn money online” keywords on your computer.

These tactics have worked for a number of people already. These are people who were pulled immediately by the big numbers and easy investment schemes. And so, we're going to give you some information on how to primarily spot a scam so that you will not be another victim of this online scheme.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Earn with Surveys 2

These are indeed legitimate companies that are looking for new users to try their products and services, and these companies are willing to pay people to do just that. You will earn money on these sites by taking part in their research surveys, doing shopping online, doing simple tasks and even just by reading their email. Here’s a list of additional survey sites that will pay you to answer their survey questions online.

Minimum Payout: $20
How can you earn money with Cashcrate? By doing online offers, research surveys, and online shopping.
Cashout options: Payment is only done by Physical check.

Minimum Payout: $30
How can you earn money with Inboxdollars? Earn money by completing activities, doing surveys, paid email offers, play games, redeem coupons and online shopping
Cashout options: By physical check.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Watch Sites

Here is our list!

Watch Seller
Payment Options: All items at Watch Seller may be purchased by prepayment with cashiers check, money order, credit cards or bank wire transfer.
Shipping Rates: Shipping rates in the US are based on the weight and value of the item shipped, usually $35 to $40 by FedEx and it will take about two business days.
International Orders: International orders at Watch Seller are made by International Priority Mail and cost about $50 to $100, it’ll depend on the weight and of the item shipped.
Brands Available: Watch Seller carries Omega, Panerai, Rolex, Breitling, Chronoswiss, Epos, Zenith, Bedat, Daniel JeanRichard and Girard Perregaux.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Usability Tester Job

Have you heard of usability testing? It is technique where a user is able to access a specific product and the product owner tests the user’s reaction towards the product. There are a number of manufacturers who uses this method to further enhance and develop their product in accordance to the comments provided by the test user. Nowadays, this is also used by website owners who want to get detailed non bias opinions about his sites appeal and usability. With that, there has been a growth in website that does usability testing and is willing to pay users to test their products online.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Online Comic Book Retailers

Comic books are popular means of entertainment and a form of collection for a number of people. It’s hard not to get addicted to these great graphics and storylines so there is really a great demand for these. However, getting your hands on quality and affordable comic books is a challenge for most people this may be due to the concentrated demand and controlled supply of these comics. And so we are here to happily provide great online comic book retailers where you can purchase good quality discounted comic books.

Here is our list:

Cheap Graphic Novels

Products Available: Rare Books, SuperHeroes, Adventures, Crime/Mystery, Horror, Sci-fi/Fantasy and Movie/TV
Payment: Cheap Graphic Novels accepts all major credit cards and Paypal.
Shipment Cost: They ship via USPS Media Mail at a flat rate of $6.99.
International Shipment: Yes, Cheap Graphic Novels offers international shipment.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Online Craft Stores 2

We have listed a good number of Online Marketplace for Crafts. But as we browse the internet sphere further we were able to stumble upon a few additional great online marketplaces that will again be beneficial for the growth of your artistic hobby. Deals and Jobs Online is providing another marketplace list so as to supply you with more variety and to help you find the perfect partner that will boost sales for your crafts.

Here is the part 2 of our Top Online Craft Stores

It is so easy to join Misi as an online seller all you need to do is open an account with them and you will have a free for life online shop where you can successfully promote your handmade product. With Misi you will have your own free domain, 12 month listing and a friendly forum for assistance.

If you are living in Europe one of the great sites where you can promote your handmade goods is Notmassproduced. They offer their artisan independence when it comes to their products, store name, price, delivery, packaging and the whole product look.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Earn with Photos!

Using stock photography now is a great way to make money online. There are a number of websites where you can market your photos. But first, what are stock photographs? These are photographs that can be used for ads such as print, web, books, magazines, brochures and other types. Companies opt for these photos because it primarily saves time and expense.

So we are listing here some of our favorite online microstock photography provider (for professional and amateur photographer)

Minimum Payout: You can request a payout when your account balance reaches $100 USD
File Format: iStockphoto only accepts RGB JPEG files.
International: Yes, Istockphoto accepts international members.
Copyright: You must own the full copyright to any image you upload in Istockphoto.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tickets For Less

Whether you love the theater, movies, concerts or sports one thing is for sure, you need a good seat to enjoy these happenings! However, in this day and age it is quite a challenge to get your hands on good affordable seats. Getting good seats for phenomenal shows these days might break the bank for some. With that dilemma in mind, we are providing here the list of great online marketplace for awesome event tickets (in alphabetical order).

Gold Star
Types of events: Their event ranges from Musical, Interactive Shows, Sports, Cruise, Museum and Concerts.
Goldstar account needed? Yes, you’ll need an account to purchase tickets from Goldstar.
Do they have event reviews and ratings? Yes, they have reviews coming from Goldstar members.

Stub Hub
Types of events: Their event ranges from Sports, Concerts and Theatre.
Stubhub account needed? Yes, you’ll need an account to purchase from Stubhub.
Do they have event reviews and ratings? They don’t have event reviews and ratings yet.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Top Online Craft Stores

Some of us have the creativity to make beautiful crafts but not all are given the privilege to introduce their products to the people this may be because of the obvious challenge of putting up a store, the shipment issues, marketing and all those financially focus ordeals in marketing a product. However, with the advent of the internet one needs only to put up an online store these days and soon you’ll get your products out there for everyone's appreciation. But the challenge with putting up a sole website for a newbie product and seller is the apparent problem of customer traffic. With that challenge in mind, we are listing here our favorite Online Craft Stores where you can sell your products with ease. 

It is so easy to create an online store with Artfire. They have a great 14 day trial for every seller and you need not worry about listing fees or commissions. You can fully customize your online shop, use their powerful online tools and share your products to the Artfire community with just a minimum monthly fee.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Online Perfume Stores

We are listing here our Best Online Perfume Stores 
Brands Available: Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Lauren, Burberry, Guerlain, Lancome, Lanvin, Elizabeth Arden, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Hugo Boss and a whole lot more.
Payment Options: They honor payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, Paypal, and bank wire transfers.
International Shipment: Yes! They ship to over 220 countries. 
Brands Available: Valentino, Estee Lauder, Escada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Guerlain, Calvin Klein, Thierry Mugler, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Prada, Burberry, Juicy Couture and more
Payment Options: They honor payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Amazon Payments, WU Pay and even PayPal.
International Shipment: Yes! They partnered with to offer international shipment to 225 countries.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Earn with Surveys

Want to earn extra income just by answering surveys, but you’re not a US citizen? Don’t fret! We are listing here our Top Online Survey Sites (for both US and non-US)


It is a simple user friendly site where you will earn extra money just by answering short and simple surveys. Your dashboard will mainly consist of your earnings, demographics, traitscore, friends and settings. With Paid Viewpoint you will get atleast $0.03 per survey it will go up once your traitscore reaches a threshold. What I like about Paid Viewpoint is, it is simple and straight to the point and they have surveys for you every day. 
Interested? Sign up here!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top Online Bike Stores

Being fit these days is one of the topmost priority of a number of people. It is primarily part of their lifestyle already. With the boom of marathons, ultra-marathons and triathlons people are more in to acquiring gears and stuffs that are necessary for these events. We are aware that a marathoner undergo a rigorous training for these marathons but alongside that is the need to have scrupulous stable equipment as well. These equipments however cost a bit more than a regular bicycle. And we do know that the passion for biking is not only for the marathoners alone so a good deal on these bikes will benefit a number of enthusiasts.

To further help you on your search for affordable good quality bikes we are listing here our Top Online Bike Stores.

Brands Available: BH, Colnago, Coluer, Commenasal and Dahon
Types of Bikes: Mountain Bikes, Mountain Bikes Twin, Bikes Road, Folding Portable Bikes, Kids Bikes and Urban Bikes
Available Accessories: They also sell accessories such as bar ends, bottle cage, bottles, cable locks, chainstay protector, grips, handlebar tape, pumps, rollers, spare battery, torches and even sunscreen.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Want to be an Online Juror?

Do you have an opinion about our justice system? Do you have a judgment on some active trial case? If you often find yourself researching or looking for trial case that interests you maybe it is time for you to be a trial juror. As a juror you will have the chance to study and evaluate a case and then after deliberation you will then render the verdict as a group or jury. Being a juror now is not only limited to the confines of a standard court. Now, people may volunteer as a juror online and in the process earn extra money.

Here is our list of Online Mock Jury Sites

Qualifications: You should be a citizen of the United States and at least 18 years of age.
How it works: With Ejury you will act as a mock juror for a case. This is an online platform where attorneys can send their cases to a number of juror participants and from there the jurors can assess if the case is strong, problematic or weak. With the help of mock jurors these attorneys will have the chance to get feedbacks about their argument.
Payment Method: Payments are via Paypal

Monday, May 27, 2013

Buying Shoes Online?

Shoes! Today we are going to look for shoes that are good in quality and easy on the wallet. A good shoes can make or break your whole look. It is a necessity for a number of people. But it can also break the bank if you don’t know where to look for quality ones that are actually half the price. I know a bunch of people who owns a very Imelda Marcos looking shoe closet. And their shoe collection actually costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Some of us can’t really toss our hard earned money just like that so, we are listing here our Top 4 Online Shoe Shop where you can get fantastic discounts.

Shoes on a shoestring is a great online shoe warehouse. They carry a variety of brands like Clarks, Crocs, Dr. Scholls, Fergalicious, Fila, Hush Puppies, Keds, Merrell, Naturalizer Brown, Nine West, Reef, Roxy, Skechers, Sperry, Ugg, and Aerosoles just to name a few. You can get your hands on shoes for kids, women, men and even accessories. However, Shoes on Shoestring has eliminated the ecommerce side of their business so you may only purchase their products directly at their store at Albuquerque.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Earn with Twitter!

Twitter is one of the favourite social media sites of Hollywood’s who’s who where they share their thoughts and opinions on anything and everything under the sun. Some famous and infamous people often use this media to promote some happenings or products that they love. And yes they are making quite good income from marketing these products through twitter and other social media sites. An actor’s marketing tweet can range from $5000/tweet to $13000/tweet. Mind you these rates are for those who have at least a million followers and has social stature of some sort.

So for us humble beings, our twitter rate might go from .10c to a couple of dollars. Still not a bad rate for such a simple task such as tweeting. With that, here is our Top 3 Ways to Earn Money with Twitter

Sponsored Tweets
Sponsored Tweets is an advertising platform where people can advertise their products through Twitter. It is one of those sites that features a lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Audrina Patridge, Mike Miller, Mike Tyson, Lindsay Lohan and a lot more. With Sponsored Tweets you can choose a number of categories or topics that you like to sponsor such as sports, fashion, television and technology, just to name a few. Once you’re done you can start earning by tweeting those sponsored tweets. One of the edge of this site is they give the Twitter owner the privilege to personalize the sponsored tweet before it gets sent out and the Twitter owner also gets to set their own rate per tweet. So if you’re looking to monetize your tweet, give Sponsored Tweets a try!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Are you looking for affordable books?

Do you like reading books on your free time? However, the price of good books right now is just beyond your budget? Do you spend bucks and bucks for a novel or a cook book? How about if we tell you that you can get a number of books for the fraction of the price? We have gathered here a list of online bookstores that sell books at discounted price. Yes there are indeed a lot of great online bookstores where you can purchase a book under a dollar or so.  

Here is our Top 10 Online Bookstores


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding Low Airfare Online

In looking for travel deals we often find it so tedious to visit each airline site just to compare prices. Plus the fact that we don’t know all the airlines that caters to our itinerary. So it takes a lot hits and misses when we do this itinerary search on a per airline basis. Sometimes we rely on our airline knowledge alone for our search to move forward and that says a lot about our missed deals with a number of airlines.

Usually we get a travel agent to handle these things for us. But if you think about it, we will get better deals without additional fees from our agents if we do it ourselves. So how do we get the lowest airfare deals for our travel need? Have you heard of a passenger flight search engine? This is basically like our regular search engine like Google however these passenger search engines focuses on flight and airline deals. These search engines will allow users to compare flight prices of any given destination from different airline companies all over the world.

Here is our Top 10 Passenger Flight Search Engines

Can they sell flights directly? No, Skyscanner does not sell flights directly. When you find the deal that you want under Skyscanner, the site will automatically transfer you to the airline’s website to make your direct booking with them.
Is it available on mobile? Yes, you may download their app on Skyscanner’s website.
Can you book in your currency? Yes, you may change the currency in accordance to your country.
Other offers: You can book your hotel and car service with them aswell.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Apps that Pay You

Do you have a bunch of apps on your smartphone?
Are your Apps earning you some money?
If not! Then now is the time to install these money generating apps for you! Majority of these apps work well when you are base in the United States. For now the only international money generating app that is available is the Ipinion App. You will either earn points or money after you finish some tasks given by the apps. So, here are our Top 8 Apps that Pay.

Ibotta App
Is it an international app where anybody can join? No. Target market is the United States.
Is it available for Android and IOS? Yes, it is available for both Operating System.
Mode of Payment? Payment will be made through Paypal
How does it work? Ibotta works by allowing their users to simply scan their grocery receipts from grocery chains and other stores. Each specific product has its own money earning offer to the users. This can be from answering a poll, a trivia question, watching a commercial video related to the product, or simply by posting a review on Facebook. After you have finished the task you will then receive cash back from Ibotta.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bazaar Philippines

What is a Bazaar? Bazaar nowadays is known as a type of makeshift market where you’ll find variety of goods or knick knacks for different occasions. Usually these bazaars last for a couple of weeks to a month then they transfer to another city or area. They often provide a good set of discount for their goods. So, who wouldn’t love bazaars? Bazaars never cease to amaze me on the variety of handcrafted, homemade, branded and novelty items they have. It can range from toys, clothing, jewelleries and a lot more. And this coming week there are upcoming great bazaars to look forward to.

In three days there will be a Bazaar at EDSA corner Quezon Ave., East Triangle Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines known as the Grand Bazaar @ Elements Tent, Eton Centris. This grand bazaar is one of the longest running all year round bazaar in Metro Manila. Grand Bazaar is home to a number of merchandise like fashion wear, accessories, footwear, home decors and gift items.

Schedule: May 11 – 12, 2013 (11 AM – 9 PM)
Contact details: 0917-4404690/ 0915-7117010/ 3843609.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Click per Pay Sites

Are you interested in getting paid to click links?

Yes! You read it right. You will get paid to click on links provided by the company. This is an advertising platform that you can get your hands on just by signing up with them. Please do not get fooled by those sites that actually ask for money before registration. Do not fall for a thousand dollar per day paid to click advertisements because right now what you can earn from each click might be a little under a cent, I know that this may seem little but it’ll grow. Here is our Top 5 PTC (Paid to Click) sites.


With the ClixSense program you will easily earn money by viewing ads that are in their system. You will usually get 8 to 12 ads a day and you earn commissions for every ad that you click on. The price per ad ranges from $0.001 and up to $0.02. Make sure to view the ads under their time counter so that you will get credited. You will also earn by means of doing tasks & offers and by playing Clixsense games. Click here to join!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

TOP 10 Group Buying Websites in the Philippines

Who doesn't want discounts on clothing, travels, food and gadgets? We are all looking for legitimate group buying sites. However, with the apparent growth of these websites nowadays we can get easily lost and might acquire fake deals instead. We have seen a number of websites promoting a brand with a supposed marketed 30% or 20% discount but in reality there were no discounts at all.

With that false marketing we became more meticulous on joining these sites because we want legitimate deals that will enhance are purchasing power. For this reason, we are listing our Top 10 active group buying websites in alphabetical order.