Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sell your clothes!

If you are looking to earn a little extra cash this holiday season then you may want to look into consigning your clothes online. If you have a ton of clothes that are gathering dust on your closet then this is the time to dispose of them and earn at the same time. These days there are a number of online market place that arw willing to connect sellers to their grand list of online buyers. All you would need to do is make sure that the items you want to sell are in good condition so that the selling price for these items are high enough to compensate you properly.


Luxury Exchange
Cash 4 your Clothes                   Little Sprouts Resale
Closet Rich                               Designer Social
Couture USA                             Couture Reborn

What is the shipment process?
Some of these companies have their own collection team to pick up your items for you. While some do rely on regular shipping platforms such as Fedex, UPS and DHL. When they receive your clothing that’s when they’ll do the necessary appraisal and offer for your goods, you may decline and accept the offer accordingly. When you accept the offer, they will then compensate you for the shipment and goods. Some may only require you to take photos of the goods before shipping it to them.

How are you compensated?
When you accept the offer from one of these companies then they will put your items on their list of products available for purchase. When your product is bought that’s the time the company will process your payment request, typically payment is done through cheques and Visa cards.

Do they accept all types of clothing?
Some may prefer designer clothes and branded luxury stuff for their consignment store but there are also a number of online marketplace that accepts all types of clothing brands that are considered generic. Although with this type of clothing their appraisal is considerably lower compared to the high end brands.