Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Ring

When you are planning to marry someone very special you certainly want to present and offer her with a beautiful unique piece of engagement ring that not only correspond to your devotion to her but a ring that will also showcase your partners unique qualities. We all know that the go to engagement ring is the good old sparkly white diamond engagement ring, but as the price of these things skyrocket to new heights nowadays, it is much wiser to invest on a number of legitimate ring alternatives that are as beautiful as a diamond ring but is comparatively more affordable, here is our list!

Amethyst engagement ring
CITE IMAGE: Diamond Engagement Rings with Amethyst (List of Five)

Amethyst is a gem stone that represents peace. If you want your ring to carry peace love in your relationship then you can opt for this beautiful amethyst engagement ring. Long ago it was said to be a ring that is reserved for royalty but now you can get your hands on affordable beautiful Amethyst ring, it can be a synthetic Amethyst or a natural gem stone.

Citrine engagement ring
CITE IMAGE: What Are Citrine Engagement Rings? » GREENWAYWEDDINGS.

If you like a yellow colour gem stone then Citrine is the one for you. Citrine is a gem stone that is known for its sturdy hard component that is certainly desired by a number of people because these rings don’t easily chip away and break, that is why a Citrine ring is the perfect jewellery piece for such an important union.

Cubic Zirconia engagement ring
CITE IMAGE: Leslie's Vintage 4 Carat Round Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring ...

A Cubic Zirconia ring is just as sparkly, large and flawless of a stone like a good old diamond ring. The basic difference of the two types of ring is that Cubic Zirconia is a man made gem stone unlike that of a diamond which is basically harvested through mining. If you are financially conscious yet you want the same dramatic sparkle of a diamond ring then you may opt for this man made creation.

Emerald engagement ring
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Emerald is the said to be the gem stone that represents spring. So its beautiful and just as appropriate to set your new beginning together with a gorgeous Emerald engagement ring. If you are having second thoughts on this piece of Jewellery then you may want to know that the stunning Ms. Jackie Kennedy wore an Emerald engagement ring and not the usual diamond ring.

Sapphire engagement ring
CITE IMAGE: Sapphire Engagement Rings | Fashion and Styles

Sapphire engagement ring became a popular choice in today’s generation primarily because of Prince William’s proposal to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton using her mother’s original Sapphire engagement ring. So if you love the deep blue color of the Sapphire gem stone then you may want to acquire this for your partner since its beauty also represents fidelity and truth.