Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Earn with Surveys

Want to earn extra income just by answering surveys, but you’re not a US citizen? Don’t fret! We are listing here our Top Online Survey Sites (for both US and non-US)


It is a simple user friendly site where you will earn extra money just by answering short and simple surveys. Your dashboard will mainly consist of your earnings, demographics, traitscore, friends and settings. With Paid Viewpoint you will get atleast $0.03 per survey it will go up once your traitscore reaches a threshold. What I like about Paid Viewpoint is, it is simple and straight to the point and they have surveys for you every day. 
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Mintvine is a new survey site that is getting a lot of rave reviews from their members due to the easy user friendly system and the simplified procedure of earning money online. With Mintvine you can earn by answering surveys, doing offers, answering polls and you’ll also earn when you complete your own Survey Profile. To redeem you will need to accumulate 1000 points which is equivalent to $10. You can redeem your money through Paypal. Interested? Sign up here!


Is another great website where you can earn extra money. With My Soap Box the dashboard is consist of home, account, surveys, rewards, community and support. To redeem you will need to accumulate 25,000 points which is not that hard to achieve because their points per survey is usually 300 points. You can redeem your money through a number of gift cards they offer like Sears, Walmart, JC Penney, Lowe’s and the likes.Interested? Sign up here!


Pollbuzzer is a great online survey site because of its upfront payment scheme, with Pollbuzzer a panellist will immediately get a $1 payment for every survey question answered. What is also nice and appealing about Pollbuzzer is their affiliate program where you will earn 10% of your affiliate’s earning when they send out surveys via Pollbuzzer, all you need to do is invite your friends in Market Research. You can redeem your Pollbuzzer money via Paypal. Interested? Sign up here!


With Global Test Market you can earn with a number of surveys and some sweepstakes entries. Global Test Markets dashboard is basically consist of a home page, rewards page, refer a friend page and faq page. The minimum number of points needed to redeem is 1000 points. 
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One Poll is another straightforward site just like Paid Viewpoint where you can earn with surveys. In your One Poll dashboard you’ll see an overview page, details page, survey history page, competition winners page, faqs and earn page. The minimum cash out amount of One Poll is £40.
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What is nice and appealing with Pure Profile is their homepage feel, it is laid back and fun looking. Once you open your account you’ll see your profile, transactions, settings and redemption. The minimum cash out amount will depend on your country of origin. You can redeem your money via Paypal.Interested? Sign up here!