Friday, June 14, 2013

Top Online Craft Stores

Some of us have the creativity to make beautiful crafts but not all are given the privilege to introduce their products to the people this may be because of the obvious challenge of putting up a store, the shipment issues, marketing and all those financially focus ordeals in marketing a product. However, with the advent of the internet one needs only to put up an online store these days and soon you’ll get your products out there for everyone's appreciation. But the challenge with putting up a sole website for a newbie product and seller is the apparent problem of customer traffic. With that challenge in mind, we are listing here our favorite Online Craft Stores where you can sell your products with ease. 

It is so easy to create an online store with Artfire. They have a great 14 day trial for every seller and you need not worry about listing fees or commissions. You can fully customize your online shop, use their powerful online tools and share your products to the Artfire community with just a minimum monthly fee.

Another fun online marketplace for crafters is Az Craze! When you register with Az Craze they will immediately inform you of their great account program where as an account seller will be able to participate in their affiliate program. In addition to your earnings with them you will also earn extra money when you help refer sales to their products!

With Craft is Art you can choose from standard, premium and special program when you register. They have no sales/listing fees, and no contracts to worry about. Depending on your choice you’ll get a better number of free listing, coupons and stocks.

Coriandr is another easy online marketplace website where you can sell your product. Besides the perk of joining it for free you will also have the freedom to fully customize your shop according to your liking, the privilege of using your own domain for the business and you can easily use your paypal account to pay their monthly fee aswell.

On DaWanda, you can use their website to market your product. All you need to do is register with their website DaWanda, and after you’re done you can easily create your own online shop for free. After you provide your address and bank account information you can then sell your product with ease.

What you can get once you register as a seller with Etsy is their vibrant global community of 15 million buyer and creative business owners, not bad right? Another good thing about Etsy is that they do not have any membership fees and it only cost $0.20 to list an item for about four months, it is that affordable.

The ecrater online marketplace is great because they offer unlimited categories, unlimited products, flat rate shipping and PayPal support. You can easily get your earnings by money order, cashier's check or cod.

With Folksy you can choose from Basic and Folksy Plus when you register as a seller. You can sell a number of handcrafted products as long as these are not cakes, creams or vintage products. It costs just £0.15 for each item listing that’ll good for about four months. And when you make a sale Folksy will charge a 6% commission.