Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Online Craft Stores 2

We have listed a good number of Online Marketplace for Crafts. But as we browse the internet sphere further we were able to stumble upon a few additional great online marketplaces that will again be beneficial for the growth of your artistic hobby. Deals and Jobs Online is providing another marketplace list so as to supply you with more variety and to help you find the perfect partner that will boost sales for your crafts.

Here is the part 2 of our Top Online Craft Stores

It is so easy to join Misi as an online seller all you need to do is open an account with them and you will have a free for life online shop where you can successfully promote your handmade product. With Misi you will have your own free domain, 12 month listing and a friendly forum for assistance.

If you are living in Europe one of the great sites where you can promote your handmade goods is Notmassproduced. They offer their artisan independence when it comes to their products, store name, price, delivery, packaging and the whole product look.

Shop Handmade
Another great online marketplace for your craft is Shop Handmade! With Shop Handmade you can open an online store in five minutes for free and along with that they will promote your product automatically. So just basically sit back and relax as Shop Handmade does online work for you.

Silk Fair
Silkfair doesn’t have any startup cost when you sign up with this fun artsy website, are you goin to let that opportunity pass? Do sign up with them because a good and steady e-commerce system that will be very beneficial to your earning prowess.

Shop Windoz
Shop Windoz is a great website to reach the grand global audience. With shop Windoz you can easily set up your online shop in accordance to your personal style and motif. Their product categories ranges from fashion, music, vintage furniture and a whole lot more.

What you will like about Zibbet is that their products are listed in Google Product Search and that will indeed help your products visibility in the online market. They also offer workable online shop when you sign up with this fun website.