Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Earn Money Listening to Music

This new money earning platform is just awesome and so easy that we are really excited to write about it. These sites will not only provide extra income for online earners but these sites will also grant great upcoming artists the stage to present their songs and compositions to the world. Once you log in to these music websites you will surely realize that there are a lot of  up and coming music concoction that are waiting for their moment to take the world stage.

With these sites you’ll have the opportunity to review and listen to great music and earn money simultaneously, here is our list.  


Musicxray is a great money earning platform because they have a good number of artists and songs that are ready for review every day. Since these artists are really trying their best to put their song out there, it’ll be great if you will a lot a good hour or so to appreciate their music instead of just going about with your earnings. Musicxray’s minimum payout is $20 via Paypal. SIGN UP HERE!

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is another great site where you can earn money just reviewing music. With Slice the Pie it is advisable that you provide a good review regarding the music at hand, like say something about the vocals, melody and rhythm, instrumental quality, lyrics and the vibe of the song so that you will not lose the essence of what the musicians intended to present with their music. Their minimum payout is $10 via Paypal. SIGN UP HERE!


Hit Predictor is a good site where you will earn points by reviewing music from their database that will qualify you to shop for prizes like dvds, beauty products and electronic gift cards. With Hit Predictor you can earn points by answering polls, joining contests and reviewing music. SIGN UP HERE!

Radio Loyalty

This online radio is a great platform where you can enjoy thousands of online radio stations, interact with other members while earning points. And you can redeem these Radio Loyalty points for a number of different merchandise like headsets, digital players and electronic gift cards. SIGN UP HERE!