Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Usability Tester Job

Have you heard of usability testing? It is technique where a user is able to access a specific product and the product owner tests the user’s reaction towards the product. There are a number of manufacturers who uses this method to further enhance and develop their product in accordance to the comments provided by the test user. Nowadays, this is also used by website owners who want to get detailed non bias opinions about his sites appeal and usability. With that, there has been a growth in website that does usability testing and is willing to pay users to test their products online.

What you should know:

             You would need to create a profile that will put you in a specific   
             demographic and when your demographic profile is requested that is   
             when you’ll have the opportunity to test a website.

             Some of these websites will require a webcam to record your real
             time facial reaction and some would only require a      
             microphone and for you to install a screen recorder where they will
             record your mouse movements, keystrokes, highlights and clicks.

             The common process is for them to provide you questions and you to
             answer the questions accordingly either written or by recording your

             You need not flatter the website you are testing, what they want is 
             an honest impressions and thoughts to further improve their site. A 
             good tester explains what he/she doesn’t see fit and properly              
             propose something that will help them perform better.

             You should speak clearly and loudly on the microphone.

             When there are tasks given, do make sure to follow and perform
             these tasks carefully. 

             You will get paid by Paypal.

             Orders for testing may be placed at any time of the day.
             A study testing usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.

             As of the moment majority of the instructions on these sites are
             currently only in English, so it will help if you can understand and
             speak proper English.

             Some of these sites will require you to apply for the user/tester           
             position for you to qualify for the study test that they will provide. 

Again, these usability testing platforms can really help you earn EXTRA money. But again, these are by no means an easy get rich program.