Thursday, November 28, 2013

Amusement Park Mystery Shopping!

What is amusement park mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping is a known performance evaluation platform that is used by companies worldwide so as to gauge the service and performance of their employees and their company as a whole. Amusement park mystery shopping primarily differs from the basic mystery shopping job because of its fun and unique location, with this job you would need to check on the parks cleanliness, food quality and you may be ask by the company to check on the customer service excellence of the amusement park aswell.

How do you receive assignments from Amusement Advantage?
Amusement Advantage is a legitimate site where you can apply as an Amusement park mystery shopper. They usually update their mystery shopping assignment list every middle of the month. However it is advisable that you check their website every chance you have since their assignments gets easily filled by enthusiastic amusement park shoppers. Another way for you to get up-to-date posting is when you join their mailing list, since they send email notifications every now and then.  

Do they accept shoppers worldwide?
As of the moment, Amusement Advantage’s mystery shopping job is open only to forty nine US states and Canada.

How much is the payment for each Mystery shopping assignment?
Amusement Advantage can generally reimburse their shopper in accordance to the posting/ assignment information provided to the shopper before hand. You may also receive a $5 incentive from Amusement Advantage when you deliver the assignment photos before the designated deadline. However, there are also cases when Amusement Advantage will only offer amusement park tickets before and after the assignment.

What is the payment/reimbursement process?
As per Amusement Advantage the total possible reimbursement for a shopper would be about $25. If the amount is under $25 then the payment will be either through PayQuicker (10 to 17 days waiting time) or PayPal (21 to 28 days waiting time).  While for payments over $25 be via Check (45 to 60 days waiting time).