Thursday, May 23, 2013

Earn with Twitter!

Twitter is one of the favourite social media sites of Hollywood’s who’s who where they share their thoughts and opinions on anything and everything under the sun. Some famous and infamous people often use this media to promote some happenings or products that they love. And yes they are making quite good income from marketing these products through twitter and other social media sites. An actor’s marketing tweet can range from $5000/tweet to $13000/tweet. Mind you these rates are for those who have at least a million followers and has social stature of some sort.

So for us humble beings, our twitter rate might go from .10c to a couple of dollars. Still not a bad rate for such a simple task such as tweeting. With that, here is our Top 3 Ways to Earn Money with Twitter

Sponsored Tweets
Sponsored Tweets is an advertising platform where people can advertise their products through Twitter. It is one of those sites that features a lot of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Audrina Patridge, Mike Miller, Mike Tyson, Lindsay Lohan and a lot more. With Sponsored Tweets you can choose a number of categories or topics that you like to sponsor such as sports, fashion, television and technology, just to name a few. Once you’re done you can start earning by tweeting those sponsored tweets. One of the edge of this site is they give the Twitter owner the privilege to personalize the sponsored tweet before it gets sent out and the Twitter owner also gets to set their own rate per tweet. So if you’re looking to monetize your tweet, give Sponsored Tweets a try!

Mylikes is another powerful advertising platform that uses Twitter as one of their media. What is nice about Mylikes is that you are not limited to Twitter alone. With MyLikes you can connect your Youtube and Facebook account too. You can post these campaigns to your Facebook account by simply getting the web link. What is great about Mylikes is, they always have new campaigns for their members and their rates per campaign is good. Are you interested? Join Mylikes now!

Socibuzz is another advertising platform where you can monetize your Twitter account. With Socibuzz you will earn money just by posting ads to your Twitter, Facebook or personal site. With Socibuzz it is advisable that you connect your Facebook, Linked, Tumblr, Blogger, Google + and Myspace so that your social reach will be better. Socibuzz has really great non spammy campaigns compared to others. Visit Socibuzz now and start earning with Twitter!

Again, these online advertising platforms can really help you earn EXTRA money. But again, these are by no means an easy get rich program.