Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sell your Clothes 3!

If you have a ton of clothes that doesn't fit you anymore or are a little out of style, maybe it’s time to turn those clothes into money. These days there are a number of online market place that are willing to connect sellers to their grand list of online buyers. All you would need to do is to clean up your closet and make sure that you have pristine items to offer to these online marketplaces so that you’ll get better offer for your goods.


Snob Swap                    
Thred Up                       Thread Flip
Tradesy                         Vaunte

What is the shipment process?
Some of these companies will ask you to bring your items to their store for personal appraisal while some will only require detailed listing of the product you’re selling; they need you to indicate the brand, condition, age, demand and style. This detailed list will help them determine the value of the said product. They would also require a clear crisp photo of the product you’re selling. Remember, you may decline and accept the offer accordingly. When you accept the offer they will then compensate you for the shipment and goods.

What is the compensation process?
When you accept the offer from one of these companies then they will put your items on their list of products available for purchase. Some companies will process your payment when your product is bought while some will pay as soon as you agree with the proposed appraisal, payment is usually done through cheques and Paypal.

Do they accept all types of clothing?
Some may prefer high end designer clothes (no designer replicas) that were purchased within the last two years. Some of these companies are also very particular with regards to the clothing’s condition and quality. But don’t fret; there are also a number of online marketplace that accepts all types of clothing brands that are considered generic. Although with this type of clothing marketplace their appraisal will be considerably lower compared to the high end
 consignment marketplace.